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I own a small business which was acquired 2 years ago. Transition (from previous owner) and management of the business were quite smooth.. We inherited 2 full time office based staff, with 3 further temps who are not office based.

The 2 FT staff are very experienced, one 25years and another 10years experience with the same business, loyal and resourceful. You could say I was quite fortunate with the staff. They both manage one stream of the business and I manage another on my own. Every now and then they run things by me however for the most part they run it on their own. However this is also where problem start to appear. 'Honeymoon' period over I start to see flaws and holes here and there on how they conduct their work. This must have been present in the past 2 years however frankly speaking the time went by like a blur, especially given this is my first time managing a business. Now the dust has settled I am able to see things more clearly.

For more details: Brand Video


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